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Uplifting Massage Oil

A perfectly balanced blend of essential oils designed lift your spirits and brighten your mood.


Bontanicals hand selected by our Master Herbalist.

Uplifting Massage Oil

  • Sweet Almond Oil is both a moisturizer and an emollient, which means it not only supplies water to the skin, it locks that moisture in by creating a light, non greasy barrier on the skins surface. It's Emollient abilities ensure it smoothes the skin. Almond oil is proven to help treat common skin conditions, such as dermatitis and eczema. 

    Bergamot essential oil, extracted from bergamot fruit skin, has a calming and relaxing effect, alleviating moodiness and bringing a sense of steadiness and well-being.

    Black Pepper essential oil is probably best-known for its stimulating effects on our mood, making it a go-to oil for anyone who needs to remain alert and focused.

    Petitgrain essential oil aids relaxation and is a good stress-reliever with excellent uplifting properties. You may find it particularly useful for the 'Winter Blues' or S.A.D.

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