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Herbal Medicine

Meet our Founder...

Firstly thank you for visiting The Little Herb Remedy website and your interest in welcoming the power of Mother Nature into your life!

My name is Jayne Harris and I've always had an interest in botanical healthcare and the healing power of plants. I was raised holistically by parents who preferred not to give me chemical medication if it could be avoided, and so from a young age I had a great respect for the many medicinal treasures the planet can offer.

I trained in Psychology and Counselling and worked for many years in Adult Mental Health services before starting my own public events business in 2012. Everything changed in 2017 when we moved into our current home. Suddenly I had a larger garden than I ever imagined I could have and I found myself intently watching it transform as the seasons changed. With every passing month I noticed more and more useful herbs and plants appearing, from St Johns Wort and Lavender to lesser known healers such as Mullein. Today I realise that the previous owners were probably Herbalists, and I very much believe I was drawn to this place for a reason.


In 2019 I began studying for my Diploma in Herbalism before furthering my studies with an Advanced Phytotherapy Diploma after which I became a member of the British Holistic Medicine Association (BHMA) was awarded the title of Master Herbalist.

I distill, craft and blend all products myself in my garden workshop in the Herefordshire countryside. After many months of trials, tests and feedback from customers I truly believe that

The Little Herb Remedy offers the very best quality, purest and most beneficial botanical products out there, at an affordable price. I use as few ingredients as possible and always 100% natural.

If Mother Nature doesn't provide it, we don't use's that simple. 

I hope you're ready to experience plant power for yourself.


Jayne x

Jayne Harris, M.B.H.A

Master Herbalist & Founder of The Little Herb Remedy
Beauty Product

Why we only use pure essential oils

One of the first things you'll notice about our products is the divine smell! The reason your nose gets a little treat every time you use a product is the essential oils blended into everything. We only ever use 100% pure essential oils, never fragrance oils and here's why...

Unlike Essential oils, fragrance oils are chemically manufactured to smell like certain plants, herbs or flowers by using various combinations of artificial fragrances, usually blended with cheap carrier oil.


The oils used by The Little Herb Remedy are 100% pure, having been steam distilled from the actual plants themselves. This means that not only do you get the strongest, most natural aroma possible, the oils actually retain all of the potency and medicinal properties of the plant meaning that when you apply our oils, balms, creams or toners to the skin, you are actually absorbing plant goodness through your pores! 

Holding Plant

We love our planet

find out just some of the ways we are helping to care for it

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