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Pain Relief Bath Bombs - set of 3

Larger than your average bath bombs!

Soothe away aches and pains with our blend of mother natures finest pain relieving botanicals


Bontanicals hand selected by our Master Herbalist


Pack of 3

Pain Relief Bath Bombs - set of 3

    • Himalayan salt have long been known for it's detoxifying and healing effects. Its high mineral content helps to stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation, and soothe sore muscles.
    • Magnesium oil is proven to relieve muscular and joint pain including arthritis and fibromyalgia pain. It also aids nerve function.
    • Tea tree oil's potent anti-inflammatory action helps reduce swelling and soreness in muscles, providing soothing relief.
    • Evening Primrose oil is rich in polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acids that can help control pain and inflammation.
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