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Female Balance Massage Oil

A perfectly balanced blend of essential oils designed to support you during times of hormonal change and emotional unsteadiness.


Bontanicals hand selected by our Master Herbalist.

Female Balance Massage Oil

  • Sweet Almond Oil is both a moisturizer and an emollient, which means it not only supplies water to the skin, it locks that moisture in by creating a light, non greasy barrier on the skins surface. It's Emollient abilities ensure it smoothes the skin. Almond oil is proven to help treat common skin conditions, such as dermatitis and eczema. 

    Rosemary is known to support the immune system alongside reducing cortisol levels - a key way of balancing hormones and reducing symptoms of PMT and perimenopausal symptoms. 

    Geranium’s beneficial effects on female hormones are well known, as it supports you through menstruation, perimenopausal and menopausal phases. It has a powerful psychological quality in regulating mood swings; helping women overcome the highs and lows of hormonal changes while also reduces bloating.


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