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Deep Sleep Body Wash

Prepare for your best nights sleep with our blend of mother natures finest slumber inducing botanicals.

Our rich foaming body wash releases a potent blend of essential oils creating a aromatherapy experience designed to promote restful sleep. 


Bontanicals hand selected by our Master Herbalist.


Deep Sleep Body Wash


    • Lavender is known to be Mother Natures greatest soother. When used in Aromatherapy studies have shown that when inhaled or absorbed through the skin, Lavender promotes low frequency brain waves, which in turn induce deeper, more restful sleep.
    • Jasmine has been used in traditional medicine for centuries to treat sleep disorders such as insomnia. Studies have shown that Jasmine increases the amount of REM sleep we experience, improving overall sleep quality.
    • Marjoram is a mild herbal tranquilizer which have a proven effect on soothing emotions, relaxation and inducing sleep.
    • 100% Pure Natural Essential oils
    • Hand crafted in England using sustainably sourced botanicals
    • Cruelty Free, Vegetarian and Vegan friendly
    • Eco-Friendly, recyclable and re-useable packaging
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